About Life Coaching

Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and client (or clients) with the aim of positive change for the client.

Coaching is usually performed remotely, via phone, or Zoom. In these powerful conversations, the focus is on creating the change the client desires in themselves, and in their lives. The coach will ask the client provocative questions, listen intently, contribute positive energy, and share their observations, ideas and experience. The client, as long as they are willing to speak honestly, will find that they gain greater insight into themselves, and are much better equipped to make good decisions and take effective action in their lives.

Coaching is for people that don’t want to settle for a mediocre existence. It’s for people that want to live with joy, perform with passion, encounter amazing opportunities and successes, and enjoy deep, fulfilling relationships.

To learn more about coaching with me, please visit my profile on my main site at MyLifeCoach.com.

If you are ready to experience a free coaching session, you can schedule directly with me at MicheleCaron.com.