Michele 2.0

It is so strange to try and blog sometimes (a lot of the time) because everything that is going on … »

At the Grail

I just arrived at the Grail, and it is even more beautiful than ever, if that is possible. Looks like … »

I’m In School Again!

I’ve done it.  I’ve joined the School of Coaching Mastery’s Certification program. I’ve only had a few classes so far, but … »

Feeling Inspired

I often feel inspired after my coaching calls.  I just got off a call with one of the most brilliant … »

It was really fun

Did my workshop tonight!  We had a small but perfect group, varied enough to provide lots of examples and stimulating discussion.  … »

Off to the Grail

I’m off to Grail Springs this weekend for the Conscious Me retreat. They have generously allowed me to bring my brother as … »