Minding Your Own Business

My Business/Your Business/The Universe’s Business My Business: What I feel, think, say and do, and where I place my conscious … »

Why Hire a Life Coach?

It’s funny, I haven’t addressed this question before.  Yet, it is a question on all of my potential clients’ minds.  … »

Coaching Chronicles Newsletter

I’ll be a regular contributor, in a series entitled Energy Management, in the new Germaine Life Coaching newsletter, Coaching Chronicles. … »

Don’t Double-Down on Your “Defects”

Wow, it is counter-intuitive, or at least counter-culture, but we get further ahead by forgiving ourselves for our mistakes/problems/imperfections rather … »

Getting Into Greatness

What is “greatness”?  It is you, operating from your default state, which is one of power, wisdom, resourcefulness and energy.  … »