Truth Makes You Bulletproof

Today on EZ Rock we talked about the whole David Letterman thing, and I said “truth makes you bulletproof”, and … »

Imagination (Image-In-Ation)

Imagination is the most important tool we have for getting from where we are to somewhere new.  The boldness of … »


I’m walking through the bookstore when I see a bold yellow book, challenging me to answer a provocative question…Curious?  My … »

Trusting the Self

More and more, in my work with myself and my coaching work, I see how fundamental it is that we … »

Natural Motivation-Action

Believe it or not, it is possible to live life as follows: – You know what to do in any … »

Fear is Power…

Fear.  The kind I deal with, and most of my clients deal with, is fear of taking action, fear of … »

Questions to Keep Asking

Here are some questions to ask yourself, frequently, which address some of the fundamental factors that go into massive personal … »