Michele 3.0

So, I’m waiting to talk to my new coach, whom I know is amazingly talented and just a great person. … »

Imagine, a Safe Universe

Imagine… You are an infinite Soul. Everything you think (imagine, picture in your mind, ruminate about) becomes real. OK, not … »

The Best Teacher in the World

Last night, I met the best teacher in the world. I’ve always contended that coaching is different than teaching. Now … »

New Year’s Thoughts on Goals

Actions (goals) are individual creations that build upon themselves.  Often, as you incrementally move towards your goal, you incrementally increase … »

Fear is Power…

Fear.  The kind I deal with, and most of my clients deal with, is fear of taking action, fear of … »

False Awakenings

It’s a common phenomenon in lucid dreaming.  You are lucid, enjoying being fully “awake” and aware inside of your dream, … »

Michele 2.0

It is so strange to try and blog sometimes (a lot of the time) because everything that is going on … »

The Control Paradox

The arrogance. What makes me, one of 8 billion humans on a tiny blue planet, shared with a multitude of organisms … »