Pain: Fair Warning

If you are one of the many, many, people who are capable of causing yourself mental suffering that is more … »

Michele 3.0

So, I’m waiting to talk to my new coach, whom I know is amazingly talented and just a great person. … »

Enjoying Coaching

On a break in between client sessions…Coaching is so rewarding! It’s so fun and wonderful, and an honor, to see … »

The Best Teacher in the World

Last night, I met the best teacher in the world. I’ve always contended that coaching is different than teaching. Now … »

A New Bluey?

Bluey, “my” blue coloured green frog (Rana clamitans) that lives (used to live?) in my pond has been missing for … »

Sedona Method

I experimented with the Sedona Method the other day. The idea is to feel an emotion, then ask yourself three … »


Going into Avatar I had a lot of faith in James Cameron. The original Terminator has delivered for me, yes … »